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October 28, 2014


Conclusion . . .


And they will seek my face; in their misery they will earnestly seek me (Hosea 5:15).


Fast-forwarding to today, not only have we welcomed those of different ethic backgrounds, but we have also embraced their philosophies, gods, and religions, as well. Hence, instead of remaining one nation under one God, America has become many nations under many gods, which is not pleasing to the one true God.


Although we willingly opened our arms to those who wanted to live free from tyranny, we were not to receive their gods of humanism, hedonism, or Hellenistic thinking. However, because we did, we have become so intertwined with the religions and false teachings of the world that we have lost our moral moorings, spiritual integrity, and faith in the God of our fathers.


Just like Israel of old, America has prostituted herself with the Baals of this world, primarily Middle-Eastern pagan religions and philosophies. Because we have lost our moral and spiritual direction, we are unable to discern God’s will in the midst of the chaos we are now facing as a nation. We must pray that there are enough righteous people in the United States, such that God will hear their prayers and stay His hand of retribution long enough for us to respond according to 2 Chronicles 7:14. For if we, the Church, fail in that respect, what choice do we leave God but to deal with us as our sins deserve?


As it was true, then, with Israel, so it is now with America. Whether as individuals or a nation, most of us have a propensity to look outside ourselves when trying to understand the sores on our soul, the lacerations that we have endured in life. It is far easier to grasp and accept hundreds of external reasons (which are really excuses) why we are in the condition we are in, rather than face and deal with the fact that the root cause lay deep within.


More often than not, bad choices bring us to where we are, not the fluctuations of external issues. While it is much easier to lay fault at someone else’s feet, the truth is that our state of being is often a result of our doing, not that of others. This truth also migrates to a national level. Therefore, the sooner we accept responsibility for our actions, beginning with repenting before the LORD, the sooner we will allow God to withdraw His hand of judgment and extend His arm of grace, mercy, and love.


Whether we believe it or not, our future directly depends on our willingness to humble ourselves before the LORD, to seek His face, and repent of what we have said and done, as well as where we have been. Scripture documents that when God’s people humbled themselves and sincerely repented, the LORD embraced and accepted them back into His fold.


Whereas the Bible provides a roadmap to help us understand the will and ways of God, what more will it take before we recognize this truth and move according to its direction? Must we always subject ourselves to the avenging Lion of the LORD, to be torn asunder before we come to our senses, both individually and as a nation?


Therefore, let us humble ourselves, repent, and seek the forgiveness of God, both individually and corporately as a nation, that He might receive and welcome us into the glory of His Kingdom.

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